2000 Mustang V6 5spd Convertible

Modifications & How-To's
GT-takeoff dual exhaust C Springs, Shocks, Struts C&L 73mm MAF kit  
V6 bumper cut-outs for dual exhaust Al Steering Rack Bushings Water Temp & Oil Gauges
Steeda Tri-Ax shifter Front Sway Bar End Links EFI Intake Heat Spacers
Rear sway bar ASP 25% Underdrive Pulley   Six Brake Light Conversion
Global West subframe connectors Bullitt pedals Temp Removal of Rear Spoiler
99-00 Valve Cover Fix Rear Lower Control Arms 7.5" Trak-lok differential
Replace rear UCA bushings 8.8" Axle and 3.73 gears Brake Bleeders
180º thermostat Sound Deadening Port & Polish Intakes
Manual Fan Switch V6 emblems     

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