Speed Bleeders®

I do all the work on my car single-handed, and I am always on the lookout for tools to make that easier.   With that in mind, I replaced the stock bleeder valves on my brakes with Speed Bleeders.   Bleeding brakes is normally a two-man job.   One to pump the brake pedal and one to watch the fluid flow so that the valve can be closed at the right time to keep air out of the system.   But speed bleeders contain a check valve (shown in the cutout illustration above) that prevents air from entering the system.   You just open them 1/2 turn, attach a hose to a catch bag or jar, pump the brake pedal until it is firm, then go back at your leisure to close the Speed Bleeder valve.   Works great!

The cost was $7.00 per wheel, and the part numbers needed for a 99+ Mustang are shown in the illustration above.     You can find more info on the Speed Bleeder web page.