Installing Global West subframe connectors in a 2000 Mustang convertible

Global West P/N 909-C subframe connectors for the 1994-2000 Mustang convertible. ($145.36)
[57" long, 1020 seamless, 0.125" wall thickness, 1-5/8" diameter roll cage tubing.   Black powdercoated.]   When welded in, they extend from the torque boxes in the rear to the front bulkhead.

L - Global West P/N 922 seat brackets & mounting bolts. ($39.95)
R - P/N 909-C includes additional 3/16" steel gussets for the installation.

If you have a 99+ Mustang convertible, you'll find that it already has factory-installed subframe connectors.   They are light gauge boxed-steel tubes, secured with bolts.   The general concensus is that they don't do much to stiffen the chassis.   If you don't want to spring for aftermarket subframe connectors, their function can be improved by welding them on.   Click here to see a Ford technical bulletin (in Adobe Acrobat format) that describes how that is done.

You can't install Global West seat brackets with the factory subframe connectors in place, so I pulled the factory units off and sold them.   If I had not installed seat brackets, the factory subs could have stayed.

The front drivers side brake line hanger had to be clipped off to provide clearance for the installation.
I split a piece of fuel line hose lengthwise and used it to cushion the brake line, then reattached it to
the chassis with a pop rivet and a plastic clamp.  I called Global West about this.  They were surprised,
and said that there is no similar brake line interference on pre-2000 Mustangs.

Here's where the subframe connectors (red) go under the car.   They run outboard of the front subframe rails.  When seat brackets are included, there are four welding points on each side.

Some pictures taken immediately after the install, before painting of the welds.   I paid $95.00 for the installation (MIG welding) at a muffler shop.   It took about an hour and a half.

Welded to the torque box at the back

Inner side of torque box is reinforced with a welded gusset

Seat bracket bolted to seats and welded to subframe connector

Gusset at midpoint

Front welding point at bulkhead.   Here you can see where the brake line hanger was cut down.  When that is done, there is room for the brake line to fit between the chassis and the subframe connector. The rubber hose on the brake line insures that there is no metal-to-metal contact at this point.

Jack under subframe connector - lifts both front & rear at the same time.

The total cost of this installation was $260.31   That included: $145.36 (subframe connectors) + $39.95 (seat brackets) + $15.00 (shipping) + $95.00 (welding) - $35.00 (sold the factory subs)